Research Units

Plenary Academy

  1. Goethe-Dictionary
  2. The role of culture in early expansions of humans

Philosophical-Historical Section (chronological classification)

  1. Medieval German Inscriptions
  2. Onomasiological Dictionary of Old Gascon, Dictionnaire onomasiologique de l’ancien gascon (DAG)
  3. German Law Dictionary (DRW)
  4. Melanchthon’s Correspondence
  5. Etymological Dictionary of Old French, Dictionnaire étymologique de l’ancien français (DEAF)
  6. Epigraphic Database of Roman Inscriptions (EDH)
  7. Edition of Cuneiform Literary Texts from Assur
  8. Buddhist Stone Inscriptions in Northern China
  9. History of Southwest German Court Music in the 18th Century
  10. Nietzsche Commentary
  11. Monasteries in the High Middle Ages as engines of innovation for European forms of life
  12. The Temple as a Canon of Religious Literature in Ancient Egypt
  13. Commentaries on the Fragments of Greek Comedy
  14. Commentary and Edition of the Complete Works of Karl Jaspers with an Edition of Selected Letters and Unpublished Writings
  15. Historical-Philological Commentary on the Chronicle of John Malalas
  16. Documents on the History of Religion and Law of premodern Nepal
  17. Theologenbriefwechsel im Südwesten des Reichs in der Frühen Neuzeit (1550-1620)


Research Projects 2014/2015 (Brochure for overall view as PDF)

Completed (in alphabetic order)

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