Gaze, Vision and Visuality in ancient Greek literature. Concepts and contexts from Homer to Plutarch

Academy Conference, Freiburg

4 - 6 December 2014

This conference aims at exploring the various forms of gaze, vision, and visuality in ancient Greek literature. By setting a broad time span, we seek to track down the evolution of the gaze culture in Greek literature, while also addressing broader topics, such as theories of vision, the prominence of visuality in specific time periods, or the position of visuality in a hierarchization of senses.


Germany: Baden-Württemberg:

Stelios Chronopoulos (Freiburg)

Felix Maier (Freiburg)

Anna Novokhatko (Freiburg)

Christian Orth (Freiburg)

Claudia Michel (Freiburg)


Emmanuela Bakola (London)

Alexandros Kampakoglou (Oxford)

Anna Lamari (Thessaloniki)

Nikos Miltsios (Thessaloniki)

Helen-Melina Tamiolaki (Kreta)

The official language of the conference will be English.


Tel: 0761/203-3129/-3396
E-Mail: /

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