WIN-Kolleg - Junior Academy for Young Scholars and Scientists


The Heidelberg Academy created the “WIN-Kolleg” Program for promising young scholars in 2002. WIN stands for the German phrase “Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs” (= up-and-coming young scholars and scientists). The German state of Baden-Württemberg provides €900,000 yearly to finance the WIN-Kolleg Program.



The goal of the WIN-Kolleg is to support promising scholars in Baden-Württemberg in interdisciplinary research projects. The program offers young scholars interested in interdisciplinary communication a new kind of forum for academic collaboration and exchange. The heart of the program is the support of interdisciplinary research that is both planned and executed by young scholars. Funding is made available for scholarly and scientific research projects, as well as for related workshops and conferences dedicated both to these and further interdisciplinary topics of current interest.


Program members are young scholars and scientists, who in general have recently received their PhDs and:

  • are active in centers of higher learning and research in the state of Baden-Württemberg,
  • have already distinguished themselves by innovative, outstanding academic achievement, and
  • desire to collaborate in joint interdisciplinary research projects.

Membership in the WIN-Kolleg Program is limited to a period of active involvement in one of the current research topics. The program is composed of the following WIN-Kolleg members.

Research Topics

Research projects may run for five years maximum. Since July 2007, the program has been supporting four teams in the research focus “The Human Life Cycle: Biological, Social, Cultural Aspects”:


  • Changes in the Function of Memory in the Aging Brain: Functional, Biochemical, and Genetic Aspects
  • Man is as Old as his Stem-Cells
  • The Religious and Poetic Construction of Age: Conceptualizing and Denoting Age-Caesuras in the Life Cycle
  • Neuroplasticity and Immunology in the case of Cognitive Deterioration in Old Age
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Since 2008, open advertisements for non-topic-specific projects have been released. The following projects have received support since June 2008:


The following research focuses have successfully concluded:



The Heidelberg Academy of the Sciences is the academic and administrative sponsor of the WIN-Kolleg Program.

The coordinators of the WIN-Kolleg are



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